This is like when I posted about getting the antique car I had always wanted

It’s important, at times, to remember what we have in life by doing what we enjoy and not letting an SNP consume us. In my case, it helped because I had been in a relationship where I wasn’t considered successful, even though I own my own business and had it running for a few years and was paying the bills. One of my ex-gf’s yardsticks, or one she was taught to have, was the kind of car you drove, along with a few other shallow points like that.

If I had never been in a relationship with an IBDrone, getting the car would have been a nice reward. However, after having been in a relationship with an SNP drone, getting the car that I had wanted for years was a victory, amplified by me having had to deal with hearing all the SNP-speak she was taught about success. That made my successes, which I reached on my own, with any SNP hindrance, even better. I posted about it (and posted again when I replaced it with one even nicer, which is now my daily driver and one sweet ride!) because I felt it was a good example of someone doing well, making a goal, and being happy without being controlled by their upslime.

It’s great that people are having so much fun doing what they want and seeing how they likely would not be doing that if they were in an SNP!

  • But it’s sort of “on topic”, too, because it points out that there’s a LOT of people out there making perfectly good money by working a JOB. They are not the “broke losers” portrayed by the AMOs.

    Last February, I was at an RV Park in Destin, FL. There were over 200
    RVs – the vast majority of them were spectacular Class A coaches. It was a Saturday, and everyone was enjoying the beach, cooking out, playing volleyball, etc. I said to myself – aren’t these “broke losers” lucky they don’t have to be sitting in a FUNCTION right now??!! LOL!!!!

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