The saddest thing about the whole “chase your dreams” –

motivational thing that the 1VLP’s push is that it applies very nicely and effectively to just about anything in life OTHER than an 1VLP business. My wife and I after 6 years of being out of Scamway are closing in on where we were dreaming of being as Emeralds and the future looks very promising. Let’s see…..six years working 12 – 18 hour days 7 days a week building an Amway/Quixtar business, having virtually no leisure time, little to no contact with family and friends, substantial debt and STILL generating negative profit or…… Two years building a traditional non-1VLP business, being truly independent, lots of leisure time, relations with family and friends that is better than ever, quickly shrinking debt, and a healthy income that shows every indication of continuing to grow?

Hmmmmm?…..but hey, any IBDrone will tell you that I’m just a big loser. If I’d only known that being a loser in the eyes of the upslime was so profitable and such fun I’d have told that first “successful” IBDrone where he could stick his circles.