Not really

I’m still an IBO for Quixtar and that’s just for a few personal products I like. I don’t go to the weekly “seminars” anymore or the “functions”. I’m sure I can get some info from the “kate” messages I get (but usually delete) Whatever changes are made will probably come with the new year. I’ll see what I can find out. It’s probably just a Quixtar thing that’s changing and not Winters.

That’s part of the problem

The “It takes money to make money” is such a cliche that people just accept it, so when the king pimps say it, people just listen and go along and start spending money.

One issue I had was that my business is based on custom software that I have written and much of it was quite complex, so I’d have to be quite obsessive about writing parts of it. I had sections that I had to focus on for weeks at a time, spending as much time as possible on them. I had to give up a lot of my life while doing that. It was also working, intentionally, on the idea that I could do most of the work up front and when I was done, I could relax and let it keep going and bringing in the money.

With my ex-gf, that was a big problem in trying to show her some of the problems with their system. I had set my business up so once the work was done, I could relax, it was based on replication (I write one piece of software and add more clients, but it takes very little time to deal with each client), and the pattern looked too much like what the king pimps were promising.

One funny, at least to me, story about how blind an IBDrone can be involved her upline, one everyone thought was quite wise. He was a nice guy, but his faith was literal and that was part of what they had tapped in to (see the other thread on the rant on religion if this doesn’t sound familiar).

One night we were on a date and he called her. That, right there, shows one big difference between my business and hers: I would *never* take a business call on an evening date. My clients wouldn’t be calling me then, but in “The Biz,” it was their whole life. (I kept expecting one of them, at some point, to quote the Blues Brothers with, “We’re on a mission from God.”)

While she was talking to her upline, he asked to speak to me (which makes me think it was all part of a set up). He told me he was at a ball game and talked with an old friend who needed some database programming and I could talk to him about it. I thanked him, but told him that taking a “pay per hour” job was counterproductive for me and I’d lose money on it. I told him that whatever work I put into my system paid me back many times over when anyone wrote me a check. He simply didn’t understand.

Many of you may not see the point, but if you’ve seen The Scam, er, The Plan, then you know what I’m talking about. They make the same point: you work at a job and get paid by the hour, but they claim in their forum, each bit of your work is multiplied by every member of your downline. They preach replication and duplication and that’s exactly what I told him was going on with me, but he was so trapped in his brainwashed views that he didn’t see that.

The saddest thing about the whole “chase your dreams” –

motivational thing that the 1VLP’s push is that it applies very nicely and effectively to just about anything in life OTHER than an 1VLP business. My wife and I after 6 years of being out of Scamway are closing in on where we were dreaming of being as Emeralds and the future looks very promising. Let’s see…..six years working 12 – 18 hour days 7 days a week building an Amway/Quixtar business, having virtually no leisure time, little to no contact with family and friends, substantial debt and STILL generating negative profit or…… Two years building a traditional non-1VLP business, being truly independent, lots of leisure time, relations with family and friends that is better than ever, quickly shrinking debt, and a healthy income that shows every indication of continuing to grow?

Hmmmmm?…..but hey, any IBDrone will tell you that I’m just a big loser. If I’d only known that being a loser in the eyes of the upslime was so profitable and such fun I’d have told that first “successful” IBDrone where he could stick his circles.

This is like when I posted about getting the antique car I had always wanted

It’s important, at times, to remember what we have in life by doing what we enjoy and not letting an SNP consume us. In my case, it helped because I had been in a relationship where I wasn’t considered successful, even though I own my own business and had it running for a few years and was paying the bills. One of my ex-gf’s yardsticks, or one she was taught to have, was the kind of car you drove, along with a few other shallow points like that.

If I had never been in a relationship with an IBDrone, getting the car would have been a nice reward. However, after having been in a relationship with an SNP drone, getting the car that I had wanted for years was a victory, amplified by me having had to deal with hearing all the SNP-speak she was taught about success. That made my successes, which I reached on my own, with any SNP hindrance, even better. I posted about it (and posted again when I replaced it with one even nicer, which is now my daily driver and one sweet ride!) because I felt it was a good example of someone doing well, making a goal, and being happy without being controlled by their upslime.

It’s great that people are having so much fun doing what they want and seeing how they likely would not be doing that if they were in an SNP!